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Christian Adams is a marketing communications professional and consultant that has established, grown, and optimized businesses’ multimedia communications and broadcast production performance with proven results. He is an exceptional communicator with a passion for elevating customer liaison affairs and high-profile relations through attentiveness, critical thinking, and analytical problem-solving abilities. Christian has a wide range of experience and a record of success in various disciplines for delivering sound sound public relations, marketing, media relations, and communications services.

As a wearer of many hats and chief creative officer of Sigma Creative, Christian, has over 15 years of experience in creative marketing campaigns. While going to school at Ohio University he created a fundamental foundation and knowledge base for mass communications. After working in the marketing communications industry for several years, he went back to graduate school to receive his Masters degree in business administration from Franklin University.

Christian has already worked with several startup companies to help create a web presence as well as producing various multimedia marketing collateral that are aimed at a client’s target market. As a communications consultant, Christian, helps businesses craft, analyze and improve their marketing message for distribution to multiple communication channels. He has a wide range of professional communications skills including policy and procedure development, project orchestration, quality assurance, and devising multifaceted communications plans. Christian is know for impeccably executing diverse communications-related projects consistently surpassing customer expectations.

Before starting Sigma Creative, Christian has held various positions with C-SPAN, ABC, FOX and as a contractor for the US Department of Transportation. In his free time, Christian is an avid book reader and a history buff interested in everything that has to do with multicultural and sociopolitical issues.

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